2014 Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium


Boston skyline, Photo by Y. Sawa

The 2014 Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium took place October 24-25 in Boston, Massachusetts.


Insured cancer patients forgo care, scrimp to get by

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Published: 10/24/14

Doctor consults with a
cancer patient and her father
Credit: Rhoda Baer

Despite having insurance, many US cancer patients may forgo medical care and change their lifestyles due to treatment-related financial burdens, a new survey suggests. Nearly 40% of the 174 patients surveyed adopted medical care-altering strategies, such as skipping recommended testing and treatment. And nearly 9 out of 10 patients made at least one lifestyle change, such as spending less money on food and clothing or selling their possessions. [Read Article]

Cancer survivors face financial, work-related issues

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Published: 10/23/14

Cancer patient receiving
Credit: Rhoda Baer

Many US cancer survivors may be experiencing financial or work-related hardship, a new survey suggests. Twenty-seven percent of the nearly 1600 survivors surveyed reported at least one financial problem, such as debt or bankruptcy. And 37% reported having to modify work plans, such as taking extended time off or delaying retirement. Women, younger survivors, racial/ethnic minorities, and uninsured survivors were all disproportionally burdened by these challenges. [Read Article]

Collaborative cancer care cuts readmission rates

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Published: 10/23/14

Doctor examines patient
while another looks on
Credit: NCI

A “co-rounding” partnership between medical oncologists and palliative care specialists has shown improvements in health-system and patient-related outcomes. The first year of the partnership, which was tested in Duke University Hospital’s solid tumor oncology unit, brought significant decreases in the average length of hospital stay and in readmission rates, compared to a previous year in which the partnership did not exist. [Read Article]


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